Volunteer Information

All Shifts meet in Benson 506 unless otherwise specified by the shift leader. Please speak directly with your shift leader concerning dress code but be prepared by wearing your hair up, bringing a hat if you have one, and wearing modest clothing.

If you are completing service hours for a class or judicial requirement, please arrive on-time and with the paperwork required by your instructor. Make sure that you sign in and that you obtain a volunteer log from your shift leader. Your shift leader must sign off on your hours in order to validate them. It is your responsibility to track your own hours and show up on-time and prepared for your shifts.

We are excited to have all volunteers at Campus Kitchen but do not tolerate offensive or dangerous behavior on our shifts. The shift leader reserves the right to excuse any volunteer from a shift if his/her behavior is making others feel threatened or at risk in any way. This includes volunteers who employ hate speech or other slurs or make improper sexual advances towards members of the shift.

Thank you so much for your interest in Campus Kitchen. Please remember that we need volunteers but that we also want to include as many people as possible. If you cannot make it to a shift that you are signed up for, please email your shift leader or ckwfu@wfu.edu so that another volunteer can take your spot.

We would like to thank Charlotte, NC Orthodontist Dr. Chad Johnson and Garner, NC Dentist Dr. Adam Moore for their assistance with our volunteer program. They have kindly given us suggestions and information on how to improve the volunteer experience.