What do I wear?

Long pants, closed-toe shoes. No tank-tops and no sleeveless shirts. No jewelry, watches, or bracelets. Long hair up in a bun or short ponytail.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! Just please contact the shift leader in advance to make sure there is enough room. It’s also okay to show up last minute, just be prepared for there not to be enough room in the shift.

Do I need to have any type of training beforehand?

Currently you get training during your first shift. Once students become members of the leadership team, they are trained in how to lead the shifts.

Could you please tell me where it is located?

All Campus Kitchen shifts meet in Benson 506. To get to the 5th floor, either take the elevator or take the fire staircases. The fancy marble stairs don’t go all the way up to our offices.

Can I sign up for just one time? Can I sign up for a weekly shift?

Yes. And yes. Here’s the deal: Come out and see if you like the CK. If you want to come every week you can. But it’s not required. No obligation. You can tell us you’d like to attend a shift regularly, and we can add you to the schedule. Or you can sign up more sporadically.

I don’t know much about your program. What are the details?

If you like any of the following: cooking, helping people, not wasting food, hanging out with friends, or being part of a greater good, the Campus Kitchen is for you. We prepare meals and deliver them to the nearby community. Anyone can help. If you know how to cook you can teach others – if you don’t then we’ll teach you! If you have a car, great! If not then just ride with us.

How do I get my group involved with the Campus Kitchen?

Please tell us before bringing your group out. We would love the help but we want to help maximize your impact. We can reserve a day for you so everyone has something to do and you can work as a team. Teddy Aronson is this year’s Campus Outreach Executive, he can also directly connect your group with volunteer opportunities with Campus Kitchen. Otherwise,E-mail us with the basic information about your group (who you are, what you do, how big the group is) and we’ll contact you with further details.